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How it works

Step One
Meet great candidates

We hand-pick only top developers. They’re ready to start a new job.

Step Two
No middleman

Get in touch directly with any candidate you like. Response rate is 98%.


Step Three
Hire quickly

It is the fastest way to recruit developers. 75% of hires are done in 6 weeks.

Prescreened developers

Only 10% of all developers that sign up pass our screening process, which consists of a Skype call and a code review.

Responsiveness and hiring speed

Over 90% of interview invites are responded to within the first 48 hours after an invite is sent. Over 70% of sent interview invites are accepted.

Only pay when you hire

You only pay a 15% commission upon successfully hiring a developer. A three month full refund policy is included to ensure that you, and the developer, are happy with the decision.

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