Frequently asked questions
Why Recruitty?
We have experience scaling hyper-growth companies like N26, working across various departments and delivering great quality candidates with a low fee. We've built a strong sourcing force that is capable of finding a massive number of qualified candidates.

Our founding team has a strong in-house experience, so we really understand your challenges.
What is our main expertise?
We mostly support high tech companies who need the talents across Tech and Product roles.
We placed most of our candidates for such positions:

  • DevOps / SRE
  • Backend
  • FrontEnd
  • Mobile
  • Product
  • Engineering Manager
  • Technical Recruiter
How we can help you?
Our priority is to build long-term relations with a small number of clients instead of having 100+ short-term assigments .

Why making your life more difficult by working with too many agencies?
We offer You the lowest fee on the market plus top industry expertise.
You give us all of your available roles.
In a week we fill in your pipelines.
That's the model we offer you.
How we work?
We don't believe in 360 agency recruitment approach.
We follow the process optimisation model where everyone has a specific task to follow.
It allows us to build a team of experts in each domain.

From day 1 each client is being assigned with 1 squad.
A squad contains:
- 1 sourcing specialists
- 1 recruiter
- 1 attraction specialists.

This model insures that at every step of the process we deliver the best quality service.
How much do you charge?
15% per hire. Non retainer.
Super transparent and simple pricing model.
Do you have candidates in the country where my company is located or just abroad?
We work with local talents as well as abroad.
We have a strong expertise in foreign markets like Easter Europe and Brazil.
Our Blitsourcing technique allows us to identify the right talent in a foreign market faster than ever.
My company believes in diversity. How can you help me?
That's great! We do as well!
We have been making a special effort for female Engineering Managers with a targeted sourcing technique and were able to deliver hires for the companies like N26.
Ok guys, I'm ready to work with you. What is next?
Just leave your contact details in the box below and we will get back to you shortly.
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