Muhammad Sufyan
Journey from a dev-ops to software engineer.

09.06.2020 | Written by Alex Koch
Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, the success of your company relates directly to the type of talents you hire. We at Recruitty, provide top-notch recruitment services by connecting talented engineers to the companies they love. Muhammad Sufyan is an experienced software engineer we hired for a health-tech startup Vivy. We had a friendly chat with him to understand his perspective on what it takes to be a good engineer and how COVID-19
impacted his life.

Unusual journey

''It's very funny how I started. My first job was as a software engineer, and I was so frustrated by the toxic environment there, so I decided to run away. I got an offer from another company for a DevOps role. I just said okay to them without even knowing what they will offer. That's how I became a DevOps... I just wanted to get rid of the previous company"

However, it was the right decision for Muhammad, as the market at Karachi was hot for DevOps engineers and every company wanted to hire him. After some time he joined Careem when they were 20ppl and experienced hypergrowth to 2000 employees with engineering team growing to 500 people. This experience taught him a lot about startups, leadership, culture, etc. He could clearly see how DevOps culture evolved in his company and impacted its growth.

DevOps: the culture or a role?

Muhammad is of the firm opinion that DevOps is more of a culture than a role.

"You cannot have a role to enforce the culture. It's a mindset of people of how you are doing work. It's a mindset of an organisation and engineers working there"
If it is not the role, why so many companies are looking for it.
Muhammad told us - "I believe it's a fashion, because Netflix is doing it, so other startups want to do it as well. A lot of times, we do hype-drive-development, and it also applies to the roles we are hiring for. I feel that there are times when we don't analyze why these big companies have such roles and methodologies, and we are trying to replicate their practises, even though we might not have the same needs. Ultimately, we try to over-engineer stuff. That's where the problem is. Surely, Netflix was doing it because that was their need....but why do you need it?"

Working from home

Everyone on the planet has been impacted by the COVID. The lockups all over the globe have raised the trend of working from home. A kind of mixed response has been coming up. The sudden change in the work scenario has led to some complexities. Now the lockups are being lifted but there is still a huge concern among companies and the crews. - "I feel that this work from home is not for everyone. It's very subjective to the people themselves. For some people, it's comfortable and they feel more productive working from home. However, some people are really unproductive while working from home. I'm in the second category.

"In my opinion working from home should be an option available to everyone. I personally don't want remote work on a permanent basis"

Collaboration with Recruitty

Our Senior Recruitment Consultant, Elmira asked Muhammad for his feedback on the recruitment process. Muhammad really liked that he could discuss different offers, salaries, and other topics before making a decision. He mentioned:
"I'd be honest, I enjoyed all the communication throughout the process. I can recommend working with you guys, because, I loved the whole process, the support that I got from Elmira, and overall guidance"

Agency recruitment is still a relatively young industry in Germany, but it slowly matures and becoming increasingly competitive. The companies and candidates slowly start to understand the value the agencies brings to the process.
At Recruitty, we want every software engineer to work at the company they love.

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