Build your tech-hub in Ukraine
We take care of recruitment, payroll, benefits, finding office space, and much more.
6 reasons to open a tech-hub in Ukraine
Fast hiring
Unlike most European countries with 2-3 months notice period, in Ukraine it takes just 2 weeks to get a talent onboarded.
Large IT talent pool
There more than 200,000 IT professionals in Ukraine, what makes it one of the biggest markets for talents in the world.
Untapped market
Unlike countries like Poland, Spain, and Portugal, Ukrainian job market is relatively young and hungry for innovative companies.

Work hard mentality
There is no siesta time and half-day Fridays like in Spain. With only 11 holidays with paid time off, you can be sure your team will deliver on time.
Skilled workforce
Ukrainian developers rank 5th among the best software developers in the world. Amazon, Snapchat and many other US companies already benefit from it.
5% income tax
Compared to Poland, or any other EU country, Ukraine is more affordable for employers, due to an extremely low income tax for IT profesionals.
Why working with Recruitty?
Save time and money by selecting candidates from our talent pool of pre-vetted candidates.
We will take care of office rent and all the local suppliers management.
Recruitment and HR support
Don't worry about financial and legal aspects: Let our local labor law experts take care of payroll, benefits, tax and compliance.
Security & Legal are under control
Our company is based in Germany, Estonia and Ukraine. All the transactions, and agreements will be hunder EU jurisdiction.
Mitigate the risks of working with a remote team

"Our partnership with Recruitty has been one of the most successful cooperations we have had, they have supported us with many hard to fill roles by understanding our requirements in detail, focusing on quality and providing consistent support where needed."
Kanika Chauhan
Manager Tech Recruiting, N26

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I employ someone through Recruitty?
Click the button above to setup a call with us. We'll walk you through the steps, allowing you to employ someone in Ukraine.

In practice, to employ Alexey: Recruitty acts as the employer-of-record in Ukraine, entering in a local employment agreement with him. Recruitty takes care of payroll, all local compliance, statutory payments, social and pension contributions, and income tax.
How big is the talent pool in Ukraine?
There are more than 200,000 talents in Ukraine with 36,000+ tech graduates annually.
World Economic Forum named Ukraine among the top 10 countries globally by the number of engineering, manufacturing, and construction graduates producing an annual total of 130,000 graduates.

Why Recruitty is better than other local providers?
Recruitty is a trusted source of talents by many European top companies like N26, SumUp, FinLeap and many more. We've already proven ourselves as reliable partner, and ready to support you.
Do you have a trial?
Yes, we can employ 1 remote employee or a freelancer, so you will get a sense of local market.
What benefits do you support in addition to compensation?
Benefits are rolled out based on demand. Please contact us for further details. We don't support stock options yet, but are looking into solutions that work across borders.
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