Scaling startup at hypegrowth stage
N26 is Mobile Bank with a full European banking license.
They have 2.3 million customers across 24 markets.
Their team is over 1000 employees across 3 offices based in Berlin, Barcelona and New York. They are concentrated on reinventing the banking experience for the digital generation.

Case study: N26
The Challenge

Hypergrowth - N26 raised huge investments and had to grow tech team 5 folds in 2018. They needed a large volume of highly experienced engineers in a short period of time.

Competition - Having an office in Berlin gives the access to a large pool of talents, but competition is severe. N26 is competing for the same profiles with companies like Zalando, Amazon etc.

New Location - In Q4 of 2018 N26 opened an engineering hub in Barcelona with an ambitious plan to grow it to 200 people by the end of 2019.

Our solution

Blitz Sourcing - We rely heavily on active sourcing when it comes to talent attraction. We were able to bring N26 large number of qualified candidates by focusing on sourcing and using our technique of Blitz Sourcing.

Hidden Talents - Our industry expertise in EU, Brazil and Russian markets allows us to bring candidates from the companies where recruiters usually don't source. We don't rely only on "open to new opportunities" candidates. We approach passive candidates and make them active for you.

New location - We received 10 new requisitions in Barcelona with an exclusivity for most of the roles.
We assigned 1 Squad with 4 sourcers and 2 recruiters to map the Spanish market and make a massive reach out. 6ppl were hired in 2m for BCN office.

Engineering managers
Tech Lead
Senior Java Engineers
Senior Kotlin Engineers
Senior IOS Engineers
Site Reliability Engineers
Senior Product Owner
Frontend Engineers
Salesforce Engineer
"Our partnership with Recruitty has been one of the most successful cooperations we have had, they have supported us with many hard to fill roles by understanding our requirements in detail, focusing on quality and providing consistent support where needed."
Kanika Chauhan
Manager Tech Recruiting, N26
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