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Ruslan Khalilov
Co-Founder of Recruitty
Please meet Janusz
Software Engineer from Poland, who has no idea about your company. He doesn't use Honeypot or Talent.io and more or less happy with his current position.
Top engineers are usually happy with their current jobs, and only 15% of them reply to cold InMails.

Therefore, it requires massive amount of sourcing to find the right talent. Do you have time for that?
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We spent last 2 years building a team of experts in backend roles.

Receive 3 qualified candidates in the first week of our collaboration.
Our recruitment team interviews every candidate so 1 in 3 gets submitted to you.
Sourcing Team
Matching Talents
We offer a 15% hiring fee with a money back guarantee.
Affordable Fee
Already want to work with us in 2020?
We already helped 20+ companies like N26 and SumUp.
Read more in the case studies below.
N26 - mobile bank
N26 was founded in 2014 and faced the same challenge any new tech startups does - the need to grow a team of engineers in highly comptetive market - Berlin.
SumUp - POS company
After raising €330m in 2019 the company set-up ambitious hiring goals. To make sure the business gets the best talents they decided to partner with Recruitty on tough roles.
Ready to hit 2020 target?
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