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SumUp engineering team is spread across 2 continents and big part of it is a hardware team. After raising €330m in 2019 the company set-up ambitious hiring goals. To make sure the business gets the best talents they decided to partner with Recruitty on tough roles.
Case study: SumUp
The Challenge
Niche Programming Languages - The core payment system of SumUp is written in Elixir and Erlang. There are only 2400+ of engineers in the Linkedin network who have experience with both of these languages. Plus they need DevOps and Java devs who live and breathe with automation.

Recruitment Process - SumUp has a very rigorous recruitment process, to make sure they hire only A-players. It's a candidate-driven market and sometimes it's hard to keep candidates engaged during the process.

Spotify Model - The whole engineering team of SumUp has moved into a Spotify management model. They need engineers who are ready to work fully autonomously and bring-up innovative ideas. Most of the companies in the world work in a different way as engineers there are just executors.

Our solution
Niche Programming Languages - To find a good Elixir & Erlang Engineer, you need to use all your imagination, because Linkedin is not enough. We hired an engineer using and GitHub. The candidate was from Berlin, so the process was uberfast. We sourced Slack and Telegram groups to find DevOps and Java engineers.

Recruitment Process - We are in touch with the candidates at every step of their process. To make sure they don't disengage we call or send them personalised videos after each step. It helps us to build long standing connection with our talent pool.

Spotify Model - Blitz Talent Mapping© is a tool we used to target specific type of companies and engineers.
It allows us to cut through the noise faster and more efficient.
During the interview our recruiters asked in-depth product-related questions, to make sure our candidates fit the criteria.
Senior Java Engineers
Senior Kotlin Engineers
Senior Ruby Engineers
Senior DevOps
Elixir Engineers
"We've worked with Recruitty on several roles and find their service to be first class. They've worked hard to understand our company's culture, and are very thorough and thoughtful when assessing candidates for our job openings. They have filled a number of difficult roles for us and we look forward to working
with them in the future. "
Julia Matsai,
Tech Recruiting Lead, SumUp
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