Building a software team for healthcare disruptor
Vivy app revolutionises the health industry and takes it to the digital age. Since 2017, the team of around 84 employees in Berlin office encourage patients to gain full control of their own health. The company partners with over 30 health insurance companies in Germany to provide the best service for clients.
Case study: Vivy
The Challenge
Young startup with a new employer brand - Vivy was a 2 years old company when we started our collaboration, therefore most of the engineers haven't heard about the company. It created some difficulties to convince the candidates that the company is stable and secure.

Small Recruitment Team -when we just started our collaboration, there was just 1 recruiter and 10+ open positions that needed to be closed ASAP. We had to make sure that our collaboration was smooth and aligned.

Security - Vivy operates in a healthcare space, so the engineers must have a strong understanding of security concepts as well as focus on quality of code through proper testing.

Our solution
New brand - We partnered with marketing specialists to built email and Linkedin campaigns to attract A-level talents. Our focus was on the fact that Vivy is really making the world a better place.

Small Recruitment Team - we deployed a team of one recruiter and two sourcing specialists to work exclusively on Vivy roles. We decided to have weekly calls to be fully updated on state of the company and the pipelines.

Security - we prepared a set of questions to make sure we screen out the candidates who don't have a quality culture.
Health Tech
Senior Java Engineer
iOS Engineer
Android Engineer
" We are very happy and satisfied with our collaboration with Recruitty. They mainly supported us for Tech Roles and the cooperation has brought us to amazing hires. They understood well our needs, our interview process and we always kept each other up to date. In addition to their great competencies, I really enjoyed all our communications with all the team members I have talked with. "
Salome Sukhishvili
Tech Recruiter, Vivy

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